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Date: Saturday, February 24

10:00am-5:00pm | Teacher: Tanya Crane

Class Fee: $80, Materials: $20


Enameling is the process of fusing glass onto metal, and enamels are available in a rainbow of colors. In this exciting one day workshop, learn how to use sgraffito techniques to scratch away at enameled layers to make unique designs. Students will also be introduced to the principles of metal preparation, enamel application and finishing processes. All levels welcome!



Student work by Miranda, age 14INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY | Ages 13-Adults

Date: Saturday, March 3

12:30-3:00pm | Teacher: Gulnara Niaz

Class Fee: $45, Materials: $10


Develop your photographic eye and explore the visual grammar of photography in this fun workshop! Build fundamental skills including composition, lighting techniques, focus and positioning subjects all while creating images that are uniquely yours. The class will combine basic design problems, exercises in seeing elements and basic principles and techniques of camera use. DSLR camera and laptop required.




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