Art and Autism

In collaboration with Brookline High School and the Autism Higher Education Foundation (AHEF), the BAC created a program which provides a semester-long art class for young adults ages 18-22 with autism and related disabilities. We offer students a creative outlet to encourage and develop their interests, communication and skills.


Drawing, Painting and Mixed Media


12:00-2:00pm | Teacher: Leonie Little-Lex


This class allows students to explore various mediums including drawing, painting and collage. Student progression is based on their individual interests and experience exploring art. Skill building follows each student’s learning style and works to support long term enjoyment of art. Teachers foster independent exploration and work to build knowledge of the many components of creating meaningful artwork.


Drawing, Painting and Mixed Media will resume during the Fall Session. Please check back on July 15 for session dates and registration.


This program is a collaboration with Brookline High School, but is open to students enrolled in other schools if space allows. For more information or to register, please call us at 617-566-5715 or contact