Fall Children's Classes Ages 5-7


Adventures in Clay

Day(s): Monday (12 weeks), Wednesday (12 weeks) or Friday*

Time: 3:30-5:30pm

Class Fee: $325 (M, W), $170 (Friday A), $90 (Friday B)

Materials: $40 (M, W), $20 (Friday A), $10 (Friday B)

Teacher(s): Moon Rodriguez-Decker (M, W), Meagan Hepp (F)


This class explores the tactile world of ceramics. From cups and bowls to boxes and animal sculptures, children explore handbuilding techniques, decorating and more. No class 10/9, 10/27 or 11/22. September 18-December 11 (M), September 20-December 13 (W), September 22-November 3 (Friday A), December 1-December 15 (Friday B)

*Friday class has an "A session" and "B session" due to special events this fall. Students can register for one or both, and they do not have to attend the "A session" in order to attend the "B session." A session meets 6 weeks and B session meets 3 weeks.



Art and Culture

Day: Tuesday (12 weeks)

Time: 3:30-5:30pm

Class Fee: $325

Materials: $40

Teacher: TBD

Travel the globe through the arts of other cultures! Children will learn about history and explore the vast range of rich artistic traditions around the world. September 19-December 5



Myths and Superheroes

Day: Wednesday (12 weeks)

Time: 3:30-5:30pm

Class Fee: $325

Materials: $40

Teacher: Lucilda Dassardo Cooper

We will activate our imaginations to create narratives of superheroes, dragons, fairytales and more! Students will explore drawing, painting, mixed-media and sculpture in this hands-on class. No class 11/22. September 20-December 13



Art in Motion

Day: Thursday (11 weeks)

Time: 3:30-5:30pm

Class Fee: $300

Materials: $35

Teacher: TBD


Art doesn’t have to stay put on the page! Think outside the box while exploring kinetic sculptures, flipbooks, pendulum paintings and more! No class 11/23. September 28-December 14



Art Medley

Day: Saturday (10 weeks)

Time: 10:00am-12:00pm

Class Fee: $280

Materials: $30

Teacher: Julianne Martin


Let your creativity loose with the opportunity to try a variety of materials and art styles! Children experiment in sculpture, printmaking, painting and more for unique and exciting creations. No class 10/28, 11/18 or 11/25. September 23-December 16



Clay Play (This class is for ages 4+)

Day: Sunday

Time: 10:00am-12:00pm

Class Fee: $110 (Four weeks), $280 (10 weeks)

Materials: $20 (Four weeks), $35 (10 weeks)

Teacher: Faith Connor


This class introduces children to the tactile world of ceramics. Families have fun getting messy with clay while learning basic handbuilding and decorating techniques. Attend all ten weeks or drop-in for four. No class 10/29, 11/19 or 11/26. September 24-December 17
*Attendance is limited to one child and one adult per registration.