Carolyn Newberger

Carolyn Newberger

Music Made Visible

March 7-April 11, 2014

Reception: Friday, March 21, 6:00-8:00pm




Artist Statement



Music and art are sustaining forces in my life. I play classical flute, and also jazz washboard with my musician husband, Eli. In my art I love to bring these two worlds together. Art can make music visible, both through painterly imagination evoking music, and by capturing something of the spirit of music-makers. 



 Seeking Haydn uses mixed media to explore where music resides. We find it in the manuscript, the instrument, the fingers, the ear, the air and eventually in the heart of both flutist and audience. FanDango, a work purely of the imagination, is a pun, of course.  The fans, not quite succeeding in their previous role in a more conventional still life, find a new identity dancing in a watercolor collage! Other watercolors capture the universal joy of music-making and dance.



Another aspect of Music Made Visible is in my drawings. With sketchbook always in hand, I draw as I listen at concerts. The challenge is to keep a receptive ear as well as a loose and responsive hand. When I focus too much on drawing a “good” picture, I lose the music. I usually lose the drawing as well! When my hand becomes an extension of the pleasure of my listening, the rhythm, flow and intensity of the music emerges under my fingers.