Public Art

Annually, the BAC partners with artists and community members to create interactive public artworks. The interactive components of the projects have included the creation of the art itself and the technology of the finished piece. Public Art is funded through sponsorships and small grant awards.


"Together We Thrive" by Silvia López Chavez


2018 - Together We Thrive

We are proud to present "Together We Thrive," a bold new community mural by artist Silvia López Chavez on the exterior of the Egmont Public Housing Community Room.


2017 - Winter Blooms by Hilary Zelson

"Winter Blooms" is a site-specific public art project created by Hilary Zelson and supported by the Brookline Arts Center, Brookline Commission for the Arts and Town of Brookline. The installation debuted in Coolidge Corner in November 2017, transforming the area into an enchanted village using illuminated LED flowers .


 2016 - Connectionography

"Connectionography” is an interactive public art installation that engages community members through the use of art and technology.


2015 - Artistic Migration

During Fall 2015, we launched “Artistic Migration” to culminate our 50th Anniversary Celebration. Beginning at Brookline Day in September, the project spanned two months and provided opportunities for the community to participate in a special collaboration with sculptor Frank Criscione and artist Evelyn Berde.