Artistic Migration

During Fall 2015, we launched “Artistic Migration” to culminate our 50th Anniversary Celebration. Beginning at Brookline Day in September, the project spanned two months and provided opportunities for the community to participate in a special collaboration with sculptor Frank Criscione and artist Evelyn Berde.


Community Involvement
September 20 at Brookline Day
September 24 at Blick on Park Drive
September 26 at the Coolidge Corner Branch Library
October 3 at the Brookline Arts Center


Artistic Migration Installations
October 18-30 at Minot Rose Garden
October 31-November 18 at Edward Devotion House
November 19 at the Brookline Arts Center


Illustration by Nicole Gsell


Working with the BAC, sculptor Frank Criscione developed a project to engage the Brookline Community, of all ages, in creating, sharing and experiencing the process of developing a large, public sculpture. The BAC suggested ‘Bird’ as a theme - expressing hope, beauty and community. Criscione imagined a piece that would feel at home and comfortably out of place in a public space; something dynamic and a bit obtrusive to engage and excite the community.


Criscione's four foot tall sculpture is reminiscent of ‘bird-ness’ rather than a realistic expression. This simplified expression of form is accented by its exposed building method of wood blocks dyed in a variety of colors. After its components were dyed by members of the community during multiple workshops, Criscione's 'Bird' migrated to three different locations in Brookline.


Design by Frank Criscione


"I looked to a building method that would carry a contemporary significance, have elements of its creation that were accessible to all ages and be able to be assembled on-site to further the engagement and presence within the community," said Criscione. "The piece is designed to be assembled and easily dis-assembled to allow movement and installation throughout the community," he said.


All ages of community members were invited to participate in creating the components of the sculpture and to later witness the final piece being brought to life - knowing they had a part in its creation!



Map by Nicole Gsell


Birds Of Another Variety
During each workshop and installation, community members joined in artist Evelyn Berde’s vision to explore birds of another variety. Birds were created out of magical papers—some to take home and some to include in a community collage inspired by the BAC’s Artistic Migration.