"Connectionography” is an interactive public art installation that engages community members through the use of art and technology.


At a time when interactions between strangers within our communities are becoming harder to establish, "Connectionography" invites people to find a whimsical and encouraging way to have fun with and establish connections with others.


The installation includes four interactive light boxes that were initially installed throughout Brookline from October-November 2016. The four individual forms, when finally mounted together, now form the single art piece hanging at the BAC. 


The individual forms encourage passers-by to interact with an individual piece through touch - setting off a responsive light.


Installation Dates

October 1 - Launch at the BAC in conjunction with ArtWeek Boston.

October 21-November 28 - Installed at Brookline Interactive Group, the Brookline Teen Center and the BAC.

December 1 - Permanently installed at BAC.



Thank you to our Creative Team

Niko Arranz

Frank Criscione

Julie Graham

Marcia Hulley

Mitch Shiles