Winter Blooms

Winter Blooms is a site-specific public art project created by Hilary Zelson and supported by the Brookline Arts Center, Brookline Commission for the Arts and the Town of Brookline. The installation debuted in Coolidge Corner in November 2017, transforming the area into an enchanted village using illuminated LED flowers .


Inspired by the Witch Hazel flower that blooms in the cold winter months, Winter Blooms inspires a sense of energy and wonder for the holiday season.



Courtesy of the artist


Community Involvement

Leading up to the installation in Coolidge Corner, Hilary Zelson hosted community workshops for participants to create their own flowers that were used in the display.


Workshops dates included:

September 24 at Brookline Day

October 14 at the Coolidge Corner Branch Library

October 15 at the Brookline Arts Center